Three Common Water Damage Mistakes

Water Leaking On FloorFor homeowners living in Boulder, water damage can be a really stressful problem. Whether it is caused by flooding or a leak, the first response isn’t always a practical one. This is perfectly natural because water damage can be frightening, not to mention financially and emotionally draining. However, once the initial panic is over and you have found a safe place, away from the damage, to take stock of the situation, the next step needs to be a sensible one.

Ideally, you need to get on the phone to your insurer right away. They will be able to give you some advice on how to proceed; usually, this means calling in a Boulder water damage restoration team. The speed with which these actions can be set in motion has a significant impact on the chances of saving your possessions. So, take the right steps to securing your home.

This guide to three of the most common water damage faux pas will help you avoid costly mistakes and get the repair process started.

Mistake One: Delaying for Too Long

When it comes to water damage in Boulder, time is everything. Moisture is really destructive, particularly for soft furnishings, and the chance of saving furniture and possessions decreases as time passes. It only takes a day for mold to start developing on wet objects, so don’t delay. Arrange for an inspection and repair service as soon as possible.

Mistake Two: Opting for a Bargain Basement Service

While the financial cost of repairs is bound to be a concern, it is a mistake to immediately opt for the cheapest water damage restoration service of Boulder available. This is something that you absolutely do not want to cut corners with. The better quality the repairs, the larger the proportion of your home which can be saved and brought back to life. Ultimately, this is what insurance is for; if you are fully covered, you can afford to pick a repair service that will do an excellent job.

Mistake Three: Getting Stressed Out with Insurers

Insurance Claim FormFiling a claim for water damage near Boulder should be relatively straightforward, but the stress and pressure of dealing with a broken home or business can cause tension. Try to remember that your insurance representative is doing their best to help you. They have to follow the right procedures and protocols, so if the claims process isn’t moving fast enough for you, there’s little that they can do about it. Getting angry will only exacerbate your personal stress.